Why Vanessa?

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If Vanessa's background in B2B journalism taught her one thing, it's how to write authoritatively on topics she knows nothing about.


Since launching her career back in 2003, she's written for endless industries - manufacturing, engineering, electronics, mortgages, finance, real estate, law, and accounting, to name a few - and she delivers each time. On deadline. 

How does she do it? Simple. She asks the right questions. Before she hits a key on her keyboard, Vanessa will make sure she fully understands your company, your project's parameters and your desired outcome. And then she'll hit the ground running.

Wondering if Vanessa has the right words for your next project? Give her a call and find out!


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Todd Phillips, VP Editorial Director

​Universus Media Group

"Vanessa is a terrific writer. I don't say that about many people...she is also adaptable, and is able to write convincingly about a broad range of topics, including highly-technical subjects. I'd highly recommend her for any writing, editing or communications project."